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Leg for safety rail

Leg for safety rail

This item is only to be used on beds with safety rails, but without ladder. 

47x10 cm. Designed to "end" the safety rail in the opening. Here you can attach the Safety Kit's handle on the side. 
Like all of our products - we offer two types of white; white and snow white. Our standard white color has a crisp white tone, compared to snow white, which is pure and clear in expression. If you want other colors, we've up to 22 different colors for an extra charge of 25%.


Alkaen 30,00 €

Our beds are built in a unique modular system that allows you to grow with your bed. You can always build the bed up or down as you wish, just by making a few purchases.

All the supporting parts of our beds are made of solid beech wood, which ensures a stable and secure bed, while the bed sides are made of high-quality strong MDF, which has a beautiful surface. All of this helps to ensure long lasting durability on all our products.
Our paint is water-based and therefore contains no harmful chemicals.