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Huxie Family Bunk Bed


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Huxie Family Bunk Bed

Huxie Asvid

Huxie Family Bunk Bed

The family bunk bed have room for the whole family.

If you need a big and spacious bed this is the perfect solution. There is room for everyone here. Maybe perfect for those who often have sleepovers or maybe for a summerhouse. 

The bed can be turned into two seperate beds if needed later. You can rebuild the bed to everything within our Huxie bed line. It's a bed with a lot of options. And a lot of space. For extra storage you can add our bed drawers which can also fit our fold mattress. 

All baering parts of the bed are produced in massiv beech and bed sides are made in MDF. The bed is tested and approved by the Danish Technological Institute to ensure your child and family's safety. 

Please note that Manis-h bed accessories cannot be added to our Huxie line. If you have any questions, you're always welcome to contact us. The ladder can be placed in 

Mattress size for upper bed:
90*200 cm

Mattress size for lower bed:
140*200 cm

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Huxie Family Bunk Bed

Huxie is a smaller bedsystem manufactured by Manis-h. Our mission with Huxie is to produce a high quality bed system to a low price. All of our beds are tested and approved by The Danish Techological Institute. The kids bed is covered by all standards and requirements within materials, safety and distances between the bed parts.

Huxie is an individual bed system, which means, that Manis-h’s accessories does not fit to this bed series – except for our bed drawers, mattresses and textile series. Huxie and Manis-h are both manufactured I solid beech and MDF. We paint all of our furnitures in waterbased paint, which is free from dangerous chemicals.

All beds are tested and approved to 100 kilo static pressure on a diameter on 30 cm. That means you can stand directly on the slatbase on one leg. Children and parents can easily lay together in the bed for both night time stories and if you’re all sleeping in the bed.

Mattress measurement for upper bed: 90*200 cm

Mattress measurement for lower bed: 140*200 cm

Other measurements: 152*205*144 cm (H*L*B)

Manis-h bed accessories can’t be applied to Huxie bed series, except for bed drawers, mattresses and textiles.

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